Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Black Chicken Soup for Fertility

I've found a number of recipes for Black-Chicken Soup, also called Silkie or Silkey Chicken. These can be found in the frozen sections of some grocery stores or in Chinese Food stores. The name comes from the fact that the meat of this chicken is dark gray or black. It has been used traditionally for supporting the kidneys, as a post-menstural tonic, for recovery after delivery, and to support fertility.

Here's a link to one of the better recipes available on-line.

The Ultimate Kidney Tonic- Black Soup

The ingredients:

1 Whole Black Chicken- called Silky Chicken or Silkie Chicken (found at Asian grocery stores)
1.5-2cups Black Beans - Huge amount of protein, good for kidneys
Kombu Seaweed - minerals and alkaline
Rice noodles or Bean Threads - wheat free noodles, clears body heat
Tamari (premium soy sauce) - adds fermented food to diet
1 can Vegetable Stock - vegetables
1/8 cup olive oil
4 tbl minced garlic
Sea Salt
Large Crockpot

and the herbs to add (available from Chinese herb stores, online, or from your acupuncturist)
30g He Shou Wu- Kidney and blood builder
30g Shu Di Huang - Rehmannia Prepared - Kidney and blood builder
20g Gou Qi Zi - Goji berries - antioxidant, blood builder
10g Shan Zha - Hawthorn Berry - helps the properties of the soup move through normally
10g Chen Pi - Citrus Peel - allows all the building properties not cause constipation.

The link provides detailed instructions on making this (a 4-6 hour process), but it can also be made more quickly as a regular chicken soup. Soak the beans overnight with the seaweed. Change the water (keeping the seaweed) and cook the beans for one hour. Prepare the chicken and stock as you normally would, adding the herbs one hour before the end. The Goji berries can be added free, but the other herbs should be bagged so they can be removed before serving. Add the noodles last and enjoy as a healthy and tasty treat.

Byron Russell


  1. hm, I've never tried a black chicken
    looks weird :)

  2. Black chicken has powerful antioxidants and myoglobins(among other things) and has long been accepted as a great way to support fertility. I've been prescribing it to my fertility patients along with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and the success rate increased significantly. It is also highly recommended for blood deficient/anemia patients. If it didn't work people wouldn't still be using it medicinally after thousands of years. Yes, it looks strange and it doesn't exactly taste like the chicken we are used to, but think of it as medicine.

  3. may I know how often can I take it?


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